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What is Photography?

Is it a constant journey through time, a quantum connection between the past, the present and the future, a gentle reminder of our precious moments against limbo, a warrior's diary to defeat "memento mori", a sacred relationship between our worn memory and the actual memories we want to keep?

Is it a desperate but thoughtful attempt to restore our once long gone photographic memory, to touch again our God given gift which was perished through wasted nights of a prodigal youth?

Is it a holy moment that happens only in our mind, so we consciously don't capture it on a camera, thus preserving an imperfect visualization as we might prefer to remember it instead?

Is it a way to transmit a state of mind, a form of energy and transmute it via pictures into a different kind of molecular waves, all these images having a power of their own, like newborn children of existing consciousness carrying the momentum that captured them into frames?

Is it an optical neurons stimulation infiltrating visual data unprocessed by the logical mind, thus generating new versions of reality, awakening and illuminating the subconscious dark corners of the soul, locating lost bits of ancient genes and finding/creating our other half of a mythical twin flame story?

Is it about clicking with people and not shutters after all? Mere human connection, searching for a real meaning and purpose in our lives, as we are receiving and returning all the surrounding energies of the universal knowledge at the same time?

Is it about returning back to Mother Womb through ocean minded themes, earthly tones, landscape lullabies, cosmic exposures and astral projections?

Is it a symmetrical mandala that we are supposed to destroy after making it? Tibetan Buddhist monks used to erase their artistic shapes made of colorful sand stones after completion to point the importance of understanding the ephemeral world we live in, that extreme action of wiping everything materialistic symbolizes the transition to the infinite that awaits us.

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